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"Blood Brothers...

...Right 'til the end"

From Then...

Growing up in a small town isn't always a bad thing. You tend to find your clique fairly quick in life, and it didn't take us long to find ours. Most of us had played music together at one point or another, whether it was the high school band or in some garage band named Day Tryp or Scarlet Fever. But in 2007, it all came together. We formed a band as friends and got a few of our first gigs in The Valley. From there, it only grew...
We traveled around, made some new friends and found ourselves playing in places we never once imagined. But we never lost sight of what mattered most....each other. 
While bands come and go. The Redeyes are forever. We go by the saying, "Once a Redeye, Always a Redeye".

...Til Now

Not much has changed since we first started playing. We've grown up a little, grown a little rounder, but still love doing what we do. While our journeys in life have taken us many directions, we migrate back together at the end of the day to share our love for music. 
Not just as a band, but as friends.

The Music

You might hear us play some of our favorite cover songs over and over again, but variety is the spice of life so we are constantly learning new music to play. From cover music to our own originals, we all have a lot of similar yet very different influences, which gives us our unique sound that separates us from all the others.

From classic rock and old timing country to the 90's and beyond, we cover quite a span of time for children of all ages. 

Bands like Pink Floyd, Tom Petty, Rolling Stones, Charlie Daniels, Johnny Cash, Eagles, Sublime, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Cake...

The list goes on...


Our passion is put in to our music and we have one goal.  To have fun.  

Meet the Band

Jake Brennan:  Bass, Vocals

Nate Wiles: Rhythm Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals

Jay Root:  Lead Guitar, Vocals

Garrett (Fatty) Foster: Drums, Vocals

Tyler Allen: Keyboards, Drums, Vocals

**Due to increased desire to play every instrument possible, instrument:instrumentalist ratio is subject to change.